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Why should I travel?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Or asked why do people decide to travel the world? Well the reasons are varied from person to person and can be quite personal.


Mark Twain

Meet new people

The people that you meet while abroad can be some of the most important people that you meet in your life. Sure they may not be in your contact list forever but they will have effected your life in some small way. They will always be with you when you think of the adventures that you went on in that time and place. Getting to know these new people opens your eyes to new and different perspectives than those that may be around you in your hometown. People have so much to offer you. You are able to learn so much from people of different nationalities, cultures and religions. It can allow you to expand your own mindset. Nothing is better than creating friends from around the world. A benefit is that you most likely will have somewhere to stay in that region of the world should you visit.

You get to learn more about yourself

When you are on your adventure there is a lot of time in between all the events that might happen. In these times you can reflect on everything that has happened so far. While you are travelling you are faced with many small challenges. Each of these you must overcome in order to make you travel easier. When you realise all that you have overcome you are able know just how much you can actually do.

See new places

HThere are many places around the world that everyone has seen at one point or other, whether that be through reading something or seeing it on tv. It is something else entirely when you are there in the flesh. You actually get to see it with you own eyes, you get to feel the presence, you get to soak it all in. It is a different feeling than just seeing it from afar. You almost get to feel like you are a part of something bigger because you can imagine all of the people that have seen that sight throughout time and you are lucky enough to experience it in your lifetime.

Experience new cultures

When abroad you learn a lot about the cultures around you. Whether it is from speaking to some of the locals or to just observing the comings and goings of everyday life or learning a bit about the history of the area. Learning the different cultures and the ways of life of different people allows you to have another perspective of the people that inhabit this world. By experiencing the varying cultures from around the world you can begin to see people in a new light.

You get to try new and interesting foods

You may think that you have tried food from a different country; but eating it in some restaurant down the road cannot compare to actually eating it for yourself in that country. When you also get to try a variety of foods that might not be available in your country. And come on who doesn’t like to endulge themselves on some new and tasty dishes.

Travel can shake up your life

Something that can happen in life is that you get stuck in a rut. It happens to everyone, so everyone knows what that feeling is like. Now here’s where the travelling comes in. A big trip somewhere in the world has a way of shaking everything up. Go and visit all of those places you haven’t had the time for.

Having an adventure

We as Human beings crave new experiences and travelling allows anyone to tap into those specific cravings. a trip can be the perfect opportunity to do something new and exciting, especially if you aren’t able to do it at home. You can participate in a plethora of activities, each of them have their own appeal to them. Like me you could paraglide in the Austrian Tyrol, or Bungie jump and quad biking in New Zealand.

The best kind of souvenir that you will receive from this adventure is an incredible memory that you are able to look back on.

You’re never too old for it

In my experience you are never too old to do some travelling. Sure there things that you might not be able to do. But there is plenty of things still available, especially in this day and age.

Travel for the hell of it

So if you’re still asking why I should travel. Travel because you can. It often beats the alternative which is staying at home. So why not buy those tickets and get out and see the world.

The best thing about travelling for me is all of the different kinds of people that you can meet along the way. On my journeys I have made so many different kinds of friends, many of whom live in Australia. This means that I have so many places around the country that I am able to stay if I really need to.

These people that I have met even if I might lose contact with some of them I will never forget the impact that they have had on all of my adventures. Each and every one of them has added some different aspect to all of the trip that I have been on.

I hope that these reasons have helped you find the inspiration that you have needed to get out and travel the world. I look forward to seeing all of the adventures that you head out on.

Kyle Warford

I am an Aussie traveller who wishes to travel the entire world. I have currently been to 29 different countries. That is including my home country. I want to bring everyone along with me on my adventure.

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