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What Adventure Activities Have I Done?

So far throughout my travels, I have been lucky enough to experience some of the most amazing adventure activities that you can come across. As I continue to travel around the world I am going to aim to keep on doing any and every adventure activity that I can. Even if it may terrify me to my core.

Sky Diving

When I was in the Bay Islands (January 2019) as a part of the Big Tiki (Contiki) I got the opportunity to be able to do sky diving. This was the first time that I had ever thought to jump out of a plane. We got to the place that we had to get suited up and also pay for our jumps. there were several different heights that you could jump from. I decided to go for the 20,000 feet high jump, go big or go home right. Although it was a little more on the expensive side

When we had reached the altitude in which we were going to jump from I had to help my jumpmaster open up the door. The thought crossed my mind that this was the first time I had ever been in a plane that was flying with the door open.

As I had my legs hanging out the plane I could all of the wind rushing in and hitting me in the face. The jumpmaster told me to bend my legs up and touch the underside of the plane and bend to have my head near his shoulder just for when we were jumping off. Before I knew it I was falling. It felt like I had blinked and then I could see the plane flying away in the distance.

When we were nearing the time that we had to land we deployed our parachute and sailed around in the sky for a while. There were several times that I was allowed to control the parachute. We ended by just gliding in and landing on our asses.

White Water Rafting

The first time that I was able to do white water rafting was while I was in Austria in 2017. When we made our way to the water after getting into all of our gear the guides told us to walk into the water as far as we could. This was so that we could get used to the icy temperature of the water. If you had not prepared yourself it could have easily taken your breath away and going through rapids at the same time would have been scary.

During the boat ride there were several times when I almost got knocked out of the boat. They definitely got the adrenaline going. It was at the end when I actually ended up falling in because I slipped off the edge. The water was so cold still, I thought that I’d gotten used to it. It was such a good experience and the scenery all around us was amazing.

Jet Boating

New Zealand has been one of the all round best places to do Jet boating. They are known worldwide for all of the different places you can do jet boating.

The first time that I did it was when I visited New Zealand did the first time I’m 2008 with my family. We went up these small shallow rivers and bounced over the tops of the rocks. It felt like at some points we were going to get stuck but the jet boat engine was powerful enough to push us through. One of our family friends ended up losing her baseball cap.

The second time was also in New Zealand, when I travelled there with friends on a contiki. This time it was in 2019. This time was when we were travelling up the dart river to get to the points where we would be doing Funyaking. On the lake in front of Glen Orchey we did several high speed spins which were amazing. The only downside of this one was the fact that the rain started and it felt like little needles hitting your face. That part was not very enjoyable at all.

Bungy Jumping

When I was in Queenstown, New Zealand, in (2019) I did bunny jumping for the first and second time. It has helped me to get on the right path to be able to get over my fear of falling.

The first time was at the Kawarau Bridge just outside of Queenstown. This was the first AJ Hackett bungy jumping place in the world. The height of the bungy jump was 43 metres. I decided that it would be fun to get dunked all the way to my feet. But silly me forgot to pack any change of clothes for that. And I had to wait until we were back at the hotel before I could change.

Kawarau Bridge Bungy

The second time was later on that day at the Nevis Bungy. This one was also run by AJ Hackett and it was 123 metres high. The platform that you jumped from was suspended mid air between two mountains. The whole platform felt like it wobbled in the breeze.

I honestly found this one to be extremely terrifying and I did the worst thing that you could do. I looked down when I got to the edge of the platform. But as soon as they told me to jump I had to jump. Or else it just would have gotten increasingly harder to take the plunge.

Nevis Bungy


The first time I went paragliding was in the Austrian Tyrol region in 2017. This was while I was on my first contiki that went all across Europe.

When we were at the top of the hill waiting to jump off the guide told me that we would have to run as hard as we could to take off. So we sprinted down the hill and we actually took off with a lot of ease. We sailed round for quite a while and then when we needed to lower ourselves the guide did some tricks. They were so awesome and I wanted to do more so we did. We came into land and I landed on my ass this time to but I did try to land on feet but it didn’t work.

Kyle Warford

I am an Aussie traveller who wishes to travel the entire world. I have currently been to 29 different countries. That is including my home country. I want to bring everyone along with me on my adventure.

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