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Why I moved to Canada

Towards the end of 2018 after my last visit to Europe, I came decided that I wanted to do something big with my life. That is what lead me to make the decision to move overseas. I can honestly say that is was the single biggest decision I have ever had to make in my entire life. I was going to be basically leaving everything that I had known, along with my family and my friends. For the next two years of my life, I will be effectively working and living in Canada. For most this time I will be based out of Vancouver but who knows that could change in a heartbeat

When I made that decision I knew that I was going to be missing home and everything that came along with it but I wasn’t about to go back on my decision. The last weekend that I was properly in Australia was my going away party and I can safely say it was a brilliant weekend and grand old send-off. I couldn’t have been happier to see all of my friends and give them a proper goodbye because I knew it was going be a bit of a gap between when I would see them again.

Currently, I am planning that I will be coming back to Australia some time toward the end of the year for a visit. It will most likely be for at least a few weeks and in that time I will be more than happy to see my friends and family. But I reckon it will be weird to be back because I reckon it’ll probably feel like I had never left and the best part about going back is that I won’t have to work for those few weeks that I am there.

But overall I am honestly happy that I made the decision to leave home and travel overseas to live. I believe it has made me a more independent person. It has especially made me more capable of taking care of myself and has made me realise how difficult it is to live out of home let alone in another country. All of these lessons will help me for years to come and I believe that I will continue to grow as a person while I am over here.

I look forward to all of the things that will take place in my time over here. From exploring more of Vancouver and BC to more of Canada. I will also be visiting America at some point along with OSuth America. There is so much to do over here and I have a lot planned for my time here. I know that I will enjoy every last moment of my time over here.

This is one of my ways of making my life an adventure because every day will bring something new and different. What would make your life an adventure?

Kyle Warford

I am an Aussie traveller who wishes to travel the entire world. I have currently been to 29 different countries. That is including my home country. I want to bring everyone along with me on my adventure.

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