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My decision to come home

My life in Canada came to a close on the 20th of March 2020. The whole adventure was extremely worthwhile. It helped me to become extremely independent and it forced me to budget my money a whole lot better if I wished to have any at the end of the month. But mainly it made me realise how much I actually loved living in Australia. It also made me realise how much I missed my friends and family and especially my girlfriend.

Over the past few months, there were many disruptions to my overall plans, some of them good and some bad. Originally I had decided that it was time for me to come home back to Australia on the 22nd of May. I would have been officially making my way home after I ventured to Hawaii with my girlfriend and then landing in Australia on the 7th of June.

This timeline was drastically advanced with the oncoming fears of the global pandemic of COVID-19. There were too many unknowns about my stay in Canada and the stress of that fear made me just want to be in the safety of my own country. I started to feel the stress early on and whether or not I would be able to make it back into the country if I waited too long. So I decided it would be best to come home earlier rather than later.

with everything going on the decision to come back home was still a big one. Originally it was due to many factors namely I was getting extremely homesick and I wanted to go home to be with my family, friends and my girlfriend. So those factors plus the fear of the pandemic made it a lot easier for me to make the decision to move back to Australia.

I did not realise how much stuff I had actually accumulated over the time that I was in Canada. Somehow I managed to pick up a decent amount of new clothes and I don’t even remember buying that many. I gave away a lot to goodwill. I also managed to send some of them home to in a box while taking two suitcases back home with me.

Even though I am now home I am still planning my next adventure somewhere in the world. I would recommend living overseas to anyone who has the courage to do it and even if you don’t it is a highly worthwhile adventure. You can learn so many things about how to survive on your own and also about yourself.

But here are some of the best photos from my life in Canada:

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