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My Next Holiday – Where Will It Be?

I am trying to decide what my next holiday will be. There are so many places that I want to travel to after all the business with COVID-19 is over. It has most definitely thrown a spanner into my travel plans…….but this is the case for everyone at the moment.

If I was allowed to travel internationally without the possibility of becoming sick or anything of that sort then I would most definitely return to North America for a holiday.

Back to North America

Exploring Eastern Canada

While I live in Canada I mainly explored the western side. The furthest east I traveled was Calgary and even that was only for a short time. That was on the tail end of my road trip through the Rockies.

The trip that I have in mind for the eastern part of Canada is visiting all of the major cities over that side. I would begin my trip by flying into Quebec City to experience the French culture that exists in Canada. When I’m there I want to see all that I could of the different kinds of architecture and then I would delve into the history of the region. I would then start trekking down to Montreal where I would continue to explore the old parts of the city and compare them to the new.

Next on the road trip would be Ottawa because if I was heading in this direction then, of course, I would have to visit the country’s capital. Here all I really would want to see would be all of the different capital buildings where the government is run from.

Lastly, the road trip would end in Toronto, the most populous city of Canada. I would want to spend at least a few days here to try and see everything that the city has to offer. In essence that is how I would conduct my trip to the eastern side of Canada.

East coast of the United States

It has always been my dream to visit the eastern side of the United States. The history buff in me wants to see all of the original thirteen colonies of America. With the thirteen colonies, I would have to visit all the major sights of the American Revolution. Since there is so much to see over that side excluding the thirteen colonies I would have to come back multiple times.

I also would like to visit Florida for the main reason of visiting Disney World. As I have had my taste of the original Disneyland in California I want to visit all of them. I’d have to spend at least five days at Disney World to be able to see everything.

As you can see I very much will have to come back to North America multiple times to be able to see everything that I want to.

The two Most Likely ones would be:

With everything that is happening in the world at the moment, the two most likely places for me to have my next holiday would have to be either New Zealand or exploring more of my homeland, Australia.

Exploring New Zealand

I have currently been to New Zealand twice – once with my family, and another time with one of my best friends (now girlfriend).

With it being so close to home, flights to New Zealand from Australia are so damn cheap. Which means that I would be able to go on a long holiday, given I had the time.

If I went, I would want to rent a motor home or at least one of those vans that you can stay in. Either one of these would allow me to travel around all of New Zealand and be able to stay in some really awesome places for a lot cheaper than I would in a hotel.

On the South Island I want to explore some of the places I have already visited but try and see them in more detail. I need to see Mt. Cook and the surrounding mountain ranges up close, and actually stay at Lake Tekapo.

On the North Island I want to explore more around the edge of the island as currently I have not done that. The North Island is also the cultural hot-spot of New Zealand, so while I am there I would want to try and delve into more of the Maori culture.

Travelling Around Australia

Travelling more of Australia will most likely be my next holiday, given that it will be a whole lot cheaper. A cheaper holiday at the moment sounds like the best idea to me. Though I will travel to everywhere that I have already mentioned eventually, hopefully in the near future.

There are many places in Victoria (my home state) that I still want to be able to visit. There are plenty of areas that are rich in history and, even though I have been to a lot of them before, I want to revisit them. I want to explore more of the areas that are away from the city and further away from my home, but I also want to explore my home area in more depth. So much to see and do near me.

After spending most of the last year in winter on both sides of the world (Canada & Australia), I want to go somewhere that is warm and I can experience the sun to its full extent. This would be up north to Queensland, or more specifically the Gold Coast. I would love to spend my time relaxing on a beach somewhere, and also spending my time at the several theme parks located there. I would have a lot to do if I were to visit there.

Another destination I have in mind is to explore New South Wales. It is one of the states that I have yet to properly visit. I would very much like to visit Sydney and see all of the things that draw people from around the world, like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. I would love to be able to walk over the bridge. There is also a lot to see in the state that extends outside of the major cities and all this nature intrigues me also.

Lastly, I would love to visit Tasmania again. I’d make sure to bring my car over so that I can save money on renting one. I would love to travel the road around the island and visit all of the major cities that it has, along with exploring all of the little towns along the way. I would want to make a decent stop in Hobart to explore more of the city. My memory of when I last visited is rather hazy so I would want to be able to refresh that.

So many choices to decide from

As you can see I have many trips planned out in my mind. All it will come down to is how much money I have and how much time I have allowed myself to travel. The easiest option would be to explore more of Australia. But I will have a decent amount of time to come to a final decision. I look forward to the adventures I have to come.

Kyle Warford

I am an Aussie traveller who wishes to travel the entire world. I have currently been to 29 different countries. That is including my home country. I want to bring everyone along with me on my adventure.

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  1. Donna

    Me too! I am dreaming of my next travels. I highly recommend a trip north to Yellowknife in Canada to view the Aurora and get a small glimpse into a true northern winter

    1. Kyle Warford

      Oooh yes seeing the Aurora would be so nice! It is most definitely on the bucket list.

  2. Toniann

    Great list! I hope you get to go soon! I can’t wait to get back to traveling!

    1. Kyle Warford

      Believe me neither can I. I just want to start travelling now. But I suppose now is the perfect time to get all of my saving done.

  3. Ashley

    Wow! We would LOVE to go to New Zealand and Australia! They’re both on our bucket list. We’re from Florida and if you make it to Disney, you should add an extra day in there to visit our beautiful beaches on Anna Maria island 🌴. Good luck on your journey to explore more places!

    1. Kyle Warford

      They are both amazing places to travel to. My girlfriend and I really want to go to Florida specifically to visit Disney. But I can never say no to visiting a good beach.

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