What Role Does Digital Media Play In Education?

Podcast Outline

The podcast followed the use of digital media and technology within our current education systems. Focusing on certain aspects as technological use in the classroom and how identity affects a student’s ability to learn and how this can be improved through the use of digital media.

The argument that I wanted to convey throughout the podcast was that the increased use of digital media within education is a good thing. Because with the expanded reliance and use of technology within society, using it more in education would equip students with more at their disposal for life.

The ways I used my sources in my podcast

Similar to how I would include them if I was writing an essay or an article that needed to have certain sources, I stated the author’s name. although I didn’t state the rest of the information like the year it was posted or any of the smaller needed information. I posted all of the actual reference information in both the SoundCloud description box and also at the end of my blog post. The predominant way I referenced the sources in the podcast was through using the author’s name.

How I created my own content

For the creation of the podcast, I used my gaming headset that is equipped with a microphone to record my voice. The voice recording app that I used to record my voice was just one of the standard apps that came with my laptop. I have used this app in previous units and it has worked perfectly for what I have wanted.

For the informal video, I recorded it on my Fujifilm DSLR camera that I use for most of my travel photos and videos. I know how it works and I like the quality that it films in so the overall video comes across as better.

Music in the podcast and video came from the Epidemic Sound music library for which I have a subscription. Each was used to compliment what was being said.

Challenges faced

One of the main challenges that I came up against whilst creating the podcast was the whole aspect of speaking out the script that I had and learning it in order to make it not sound like I was reading off a script at all. There were many practice run-throughs of the speech in order to make it the polished version that I was willing to submit for assessment. Most of the challenges were able to be overcome through many practices of the speech. Additionally, I made sure that I understood everything I was going to say and the way in which I was planning on saying it.


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